Greece: Treasure hunt on Evia

It is a little-known island spared from mass tourism. And yet it is only 20 minutes by car or an hour by boat from Athens airport.

Latest edition : 14 August 2018

Lovers of small "postcard" islands, go your way. Evia cannot be proud of having important cultural vestiges,

nor picturesque windmills and other beautifully whitewashed houses. The jet set does not come to slam into unbridled parties. Nothing on the island is "beautifully romantic" or picturesque.

But we get attached to it very quickly because Evia is home to multiple treasures. The island knows how to seduce by its authenticity (a term too often overused), its vast and varied landscapes, its lush vegetation,

its wild and unspoiled beaches,

the variety and quality of its gastronomy, the kindness of its inhabitants.


Evia is a bit of a Greece in miniature: the north is green while the south is dry and looks like the Cyclades.


Evia is not (yet) oriented towards foreign tourism and we have more than once looked our way: all the road signs (there are not many already) are written in Cyrillic characters! So I ended up writing the different stages of our journey in Greek in order to be able to recognize the directions indicated.


Few people, especially in the countryside, speak English. And let's forget French! But we always manage to make ourselves understood, to get along. The people of Evia are welcoming and helpful!


To travel the whole island, you have two options: rent a car at the airport and take the road north. It takes around 2 hours. Then take the ferry from Arkitsas to reach the port of Edipsos in the north of the island. From there, you go south in several stages as you wish. From the southern ports, ferries take you to Rafina, about 20 minutes from the airport.


Several hoteliers also offer a transfer service to and from the airport.
Or you make the trip in the opposite direction. Allow 15 days for a leisurely tour of the island.