Tyrol, the little emperors in the mountains

Elsewhere children are kings. In Austria, in Tyrol, in the Wilder Kaiser massif, they are emperors and empresses. Several playful universes and a program of activities and special outings for families, allow them to discover nature and love the mountains.

Latest edition : 19 August 2015

At the start of the cable cars in Söll, a few hikers seem a little lost: all around them, excited children throng. Weird also the witch's brooms hanging from the cabins!

As soon as they arrive at the "Hexenwasser-Hochsöll" station, the witches' waters, the children rush in squealing, dragging their parents. They swing their shoes, only wear a swimsuit when the weather is hot. And off we go for a great hike along the waters.

There are basins, small bridges with jets of water, pipes to make dams, buckets that overturn, drops that drummer, water that sings. Huge umbrellas house workshops, witches' bathhouses require a lot of teamwork to raise the water. In the mill, the witches polished small pebbles.

But what's hiding in the rabbit hutches? Shoes of all sizes, locked up and exposed while walking Austria's longest barefoot trail.

Almost everywhere, huge wooden armchairs allow parents to rest while their children let off steam, bake their bread, learn to make a fire ...
Several hostels offer to gain strength. Here too, everything is done so that the children do not get bored.

The Emperor and the Magic Frog

Other universes make the mountain attractive to families. Without complaining, children climb and cover miles without even realizing it! The Emperor of All Games invites children to have fun surrounded by nature in Scheffau: walk in the enchanted forest, exploration of tree houses, water games, sports course and climbing wall (suitable for children) .

You can even go sailing in the mountains! Ellmi, the magic frog, awaits young and old at the top of the Hartkaiser in Ellmau. Search for treasure, botanical trail, mysterious rocks, mountain giant trail and, always, play equipment allow you to spend a day in the great outdoors.
To explore the magical world of Ellmi, it is better to wait until next year (unless you are enduring): the cable cars are currently under construction.

Get children interested in nature

The tourist office of the four Wilder Kaiser municipalities (Ellmau, Scheffau, Going, Söll) offers a whole program to get children interested in nature. In addition to the six worlds dedicated to them in the mountains, hikes take them into peat bogs where, barefoot and shivering with fear, they sink into them up to their knees. With llamas, they set off to conquer the summits. By the light of Chinese lanterns, they follow the storytellers for a nighttime stroll. Almost everywhere, "adventure" playgrounds, natural swimming lakes and parties allow you to spend vacations without getting bored.

To allow parents to go on more demanding hikes, animators regularly offer a program of activities just for children.

Tourism officials in the region have understood how to attract a large audience in summer and make the infrastructure profitable outside the winter season. The six universes are only accessible in summer. In winter, the mountain is reserved for winter sports. Gondola lifts in operation until October 18, before the opening of the winter season.