Sasbachwalden, art in the vineyard

On the Baden wine route, Sasbachwalden, labeled one of the most beautiful villages in Germany, charms with its abundantly flowered half-timbered houses. And with its wines, of course.

Latest edition : 18 August 2022

Instead of just settling for a tasting at the Alde Gott cooperative cellar or at one of the winegrowers, why not discover the vineyard during a short walk? Among the different routes, we have chosen the one where art meets wine. Thirty works of art line the route over 3 short kilometres. All have a connection with wine, the Black Forest, the Baden vineyards. Several techniques were used for the original paintings: acrylic paint, wood engraving, calligraphy, watercolours, aluminum cut-outs... Small panels indicate the name of the work and its author.
But it is not only the works of art that can be admired: the panorama of the vines, the vineyard, the wine-growing city is magnificent. The route being very well indicated, it is possible to do it in complete freedom. But the tourist office also offers guided walks with Claudine Witt, who knows not only each work but also the wine-growing city and its surroundings. She was also the one who explained to us how the “water of life fountain” worked and who encouraged us to take a (very small) detour at the end of the route to discover the Doll Augustins Hus with its magnificent enchanted garden – and his homemade cakes.

Here is the walk in pictures.

The air element, Helmut Hannig
Black forest girl, Juliane Jung
Waterworks, Viola de Galgoczy
Mother Earth in the universe, Georges Menelaos Nassos
Tradition in green, Juliane Jung
Black forest deer, Julia Yoong
The wine princess, Juliane Jung
View to Strasbourg, par Annemone Ackermann
Life without music, quote from Nietzsche, Helma Pallek
Tasting wine and spirits at Vierthalers Wein- und Schnapshäusel