Fastnacht (5) - Elzach and his devils with snails

Welcome to the "Schuttig", a character a bit wild. Dressed in red, wearing a tricorn adorned with 300 snail shells and three red pompoms, they hide their features behind the traditional wooden mask.

Latest edition : 08 February 2018

The “Schuttig” is one of the oldest figures of the German fastnacht. This impressive figure reigns over the small town during the carnival days.


The “Schuttig” sows fear. You can hear them long before you see them sweeping through the streets of the small town! Armed with pig's bladders, the three-horned devils make them slam like sick ..... 3000 pig's bladders, that makes noise!


Be careful not to be targeted! Also armed with large wooden scissors, the "Schuttig" especially after the young women in the audience!


In this red surge, some characters stand out like the "Rägermolli", the salamander.


Each year, a carnival rider is chosen for the "lead role", the black devil. With his trident, he opens the parades.


He is followed by the night porter and his wife (still a man)


and the "announcers": the conscripts of the year, wearing pointy hats.


Poor Schuttig anyway! They are not allowed to remove their masks in public, even outside of parades. Difficult then to have a drink!


After the parade, the "Schuttig" regain their strength in cafes closed to the public in order to be able to remove their masks.


Demonic rendezvous in the evening: the torchlight parade and the devil's dance around the stake. In the light of the flames, the masks can be scary ..... guaranteed thrills!


The rallying cry to know to glean candy? "Tralaho"!


In Elzach, you can taste the "Schuttig Bier" and delicious cakes: everyone benefits before the start of Lent!