Steyr, the Autichian city of blacksmiths and the Christmas crib

We fell in love with this pretty little town in Upper Austria, not far from Linz.

Latest edition : 11 December 2017

Established on the banks of the fiery Steyr River, the city benefits from the presence of many cutting-edge industries. But the heart of the old town has preserved intact its charm as a provincial town where life is good.

The vast market square proudly displays beautiful facades in pastel colors. Schubert liked to stop there and it was in Steyr that he composed the trout. This is also where the first score of the song Stille Nacht - Sweet night, holy night was printed.

December brings an added bonus: It is only during the Advent weeks, those weeks leading up to Christmas, that the famous puppet theater comes alive. The “Steyrer Kripperl” places the Nativity in this city by the river. Hundreds of hand-sculpted puppets bring to life not only the birth of Jesus but also the life of yesteryear with its craftsmen, soldiers, foreign visitors ...

In Steyr, visitors also have the pleasure of meeting the "Christkindl", the baby Jesus. Don't ask me why, but the baby Jesus is always represented by a lovely young woman with blond curls! In Steyr, she is dressed in a sumptuous emerald velvet dress, the colors of the city, trimmed with silver thread embroidery evoking the river.

One weekend in December, the air resonates with hammer blows and the smell of hot iron floats above the market square: it's Christmas for the blacksmiths of Steyr, famous for their artistic ironwork. but also utility. There are dozens of them there, each with their own oven and anvil to demonstrate their expertise. This is the opportunity to acquire why not a fire pit, a candlestick or, quite simply, a small lucky horseshoe.

As you walk, you will discover a splendid interior courtyard reminiscent of the architectural influence of nearby Italy. We smile as we read the sign above a narrow passage forbidding the dumping of any garbage. Going down to the river, you can admire the beautiful facades that line the quays.

Climbing towards the castle and its vast park, we have only one desire: to come back in summer to explore the old town even better, discover the Steyr valley by bike and be seduced by the many concerts and festivals that punctuate the beautiful season.


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