Lupulus - a beautiful blonde triple

In the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, the small brewery Les 3 Fourquets produces a beer highly appreciated by connoisseurs: Lupulus. From the name of the wolf? Yes and no. Rather from the Latin name for hops: humulus lupulus… which means humble little wolf.

Latest edition : 26 April 2020

Look no further, Lupulus is not (yet?) in our beer bars. You have to go there, an address that connoisseurs try – in vain – to keep secret.
It is Pierre Gobron, who is at the origin of the success story of the Lupulus. Nothing surprising if we know that it was he who created with his brother-in-law, about thirty years ago, the Chouffe, this beer of the elf with the white beard and the red hat. When the brewery became part of the Duvel group, Pierre Gobron embarked on a new adventure: creating a new beer with his two boys, Tim and Julien. With them, he managed to turn a small local brewery into a gem of the brewing world. Lost in the countryside of the Belgian Ardennes, the brewery is housed within the walls of a beautiful 18th century farmhouse.

It was in 2007 that the Gobrons brewed their first Lupulus: a blond beer with an alcohol content of 8.5, refermented in Champagne bottles and in barrels. “As we do not filter or pasteurize our beers, they have more flavor because they keep all their aromatic qualities. As we use hops in large quantities, Lupulus blonde has an incomparable bouquet! »

If Pierre's eyes sparkle when he compares his beautiful blonde to “liquid gold”, he is no less proud of the other beers that complete the range that the father and sons ended up developing. “To stand out against the competition, we had to develop our offer. But that's also what's exciting, creating new beers! “
A tasty brunette has therefore joined the beautiful blonde. The color is obtained by a little candy sugar and a small quantity of orange peel brings this indefinable "little taste" which distinguishes it from traditional brown beers.
After the brunette, the Gobrons got into the game of creation. For this, like other craft brewers, they somewhat break the famous law of purity that only tolerates water, hops and malt in the brewing of beer.

The Lupulus Hibernatus, very hard to find, is a black beer with character: roasted barley and a hint of cinnamon make it a drink that makes you love winter! As for the Lupulus Hopera, it requires all the know-how of an experienced and passionate brewer. “It displays a more pronounced bitterness due to a mixture of different hops, including a secret variety, smiles Pierre Gobron who, obviously, had fun developing it. It is a beer full of finesse, tasty and refreshing.”

Always for “fun”, Pierre has also created a “petite blanche”, very sweet, fruity, made from 50% wheat and enhanced with a hint of coriander. Excellent when it's hot: it refreshes more than water!
 “And to keep up with the trend, we also offer organic beer, although all our production is brewed with the highest quality in mind.”

Pierre Gobron is a happy brewer and visiting his brewery with him is a moment of convivial happiness.


Brasserie Lupulus,
Courtil 50, B-6671 Bovigny,

Phone. : +00 32 494 19 95 03
00 32 497 46 03 21