At the Relais de la Poste in Müllheim (Germany)

Where Goethe and the German-speaking poet Johann Hebel had already feasted, Heinrich Mack and his team welcome their guests for moments of gourmet flavors and conviviality. All in a lovingly renovated setting.

Latest edition : 26 April 2020

To think that this beautiful establishment, an emblematic address of the Markgräfler Land in the country of Baden-Württemberg, almost disappeared! The Alte Post hotel-restaurant in Mullheim can be proud of a venerable past.

Dating from 1745, the walls of the former Relais d Poste are much older: they were erected with stones from a Cistercian convent destroyed during the Thirty Years' War.
Over time, illustrious guests have stopped there, including Goethe on his way to Italy, but also the poet Johann Hebel. A faithful host, a small room is even dedicated to him.

revive the soul

But the changes of owners were almost fatal to the establishment. The latest, an investment company from northern Germany, tried to turn it into a functional motel.
By acquiring the declining establishment in 1986, hotelier Heinrich Mack set himself quite a challenge: "The hotel was not making any profit, nothing has been invested in it for years, apart from my diplomas, I don't I didn't have any capital and the banks didn't want to follow me…” recalls Heinrich Mack, with a solid background in cooking and a great experience in major hotel establishments.
But Henirch Mack wanted something other than an anonymous establishment and he fell in love with this beautiful building which gives off a real soul. So he rolls up his sleeves to breathe new life into the former Relais de Poste.

“There were five of us, I was in the kitchen without a single day off… But every day was worth it,” enthuses the man who created Germany's first ecological hotel.
“At the time, everyone laughed at me… But to move forward, you needed an innovative concept. I have a lot of respect for this house, which is a historical monument, which is an integral part of its environment. It was therefore obvious to take this into account during the renovation work!”
This concern for the “good”, the “good”, the “beautiful” is felt throughout the establishment. There is no prefabricated furniture, all are made of natural wood, preferably from the region, the paints are organic...

The hotel is ideally located for exploring the surrounding spas, but also cities such as Freiburg im Breisgau, Basel, Strasbourg or Colmar. Ursula Mack regularly organizes tasting trips to the surrounding vineyards

30 years later

30 years after taking over the Alte Post, Heinrich Mack is slowly coming to the end of the renovations. As the establishment is classified as a historical monument, the work is sometimes complicated - and expensive - to carry out.
With his wife Ursula he was able to create a team spirit and cohesion among the employees. A family and warm atmosphere that radiates throughout the house. The restaurant is one of the 400 most beautiful addresses in Germany.

Two chefs officiate there: Olaf Wortmann, who has been following Henrich Mack for 20 years, and Markus Martin, who brings the enthusiasm of his youth and new ideas. A duo that works harmoniously and still surprises the taste buds of guests.
At the Alte Post, we didn't wait for the fashion for organic, local food. At least 70% of the products are certified organic and come mainly from regional producers. “The cuisine must tell the story of our beautiful region of which we can be proud. Our wine list also gives pride of place to our winegrowers.”
For fifteen years, you can enjoy a real vegetarian menu instead of a simple plate of vegetables. And the menu allows everyone to find their happiness according to their desire of the moment: it goes from salmon confit to sausage salad, from a truffle menu (until November 6) to cheese fondue.
The menu (27 €) changes every week. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the takeover of the Alte Post by Heinrich Mack, an anniversary menu is offered every Wednesday evening (€39).

Old Post Office, Posthalterweg, 79379
Muellheim, 00 4976 31 17 870